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Karpathos is the second largest island in the Dodecanese with an area of ​​301 sq.km. and 160 km of coastline. It is an island full of contrasts. Here is the highest mountain of Dodecanese and the village with the highest altitude of the Dodecanese. The capital of the island and the harbor are Pigadia, located on the southeastern side of the island, having a strong Aegean aroma.

It consists of 12 villages and geopolitically also owns Saria Island. But in these 12 villages, Olympus, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, is also included.

Karpathos has places of rare and wild beauty, settlements of impressive architecture and lush tradition, as well as riches of ruins from all the ages of its long history.




The island is a favorite destination for wind surf enthusiasts, with the focus on Afridou, where the powerful north winds offer great thrills. And those who want calmness and relaxation rather than adrenaline have also many choices in Karpathos.


Karpathos has countless beaches with varied beauty. There are beaches for tranquility and relaxation, but there are organized beaches with umbrellas and restaurants taverns. Among the most beautiful beaches are Amoopi, Agata, Apella, Kyra Panagia, Ag.Nikolaos (Spoa), Lefkos, Ag. Nicholas (Arkasa), Christos the Pigadi, Diakoftis and others.

Karpathos has a coastal connection to Anafi, Halki, Heraklion Crete, Kasos, Milos, Rhodes, Santorini and Sitia for those who want to continue their holidays.